fredag 21 maj 2010

Bra lösning?

Bästa Kristina Öijeberg,

Vi tror att vi har löst ditt ärende angående "Tillhör inte målgruppen - efter att ha genomfört 97 % av undersökningen". Ärendets lösning:


After checking the full list of participants in our database we have noticed that you are not listed as having fully completed this survey, which should have been 15 minutes long. The problem is that our clients only pay for complete surveys (we cannot send them the answers if you only get part-way through), and only for the specified number of surveys for each profile group. It is therefore unfortunately, not possible for us to offer incentives for participants whose responses our client will not accept.

I really regret the inconvenience that is caused to you by this, and I hope you will be patient with us and continue taking part in our surveys. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can on our end to look for ways of improving the process.

Best regards,
The Ciao Surveys Team

Svara endast på detta e-postmeddelande om du önskar återaktualisera ärendet.

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